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Academic researcher in sound, music and the body.

Sound Experiments

Explore some of my experiments with sound

About Me

My Story and where I have worked.

My Story

Currently, I am completing a PhD exploring the effects of audible frequencies on the mind, brain and body on Leverhulme’s Sensation and Perception to Awareness Doctoral Scholarship Programme.

My research combines music and neuroscience, investigating the potential of sound as a tool for improving autonomic health and self-regulation by measuring its impact on biosignals. As an interdisciplinary researcher, my background is in music. I completed an MA in Sonic Arts and Composition before spending several years in advertising, working closely with a music streaming service client. During this time, I developed a deep fascination with the potential of sound as a therapeutic tool.

Commercially, I have over ten years of experience working with Global brands, from Spotify to Finisterre. I’ve become a copy and creative polymath. Accumulating a supersized toolkit of wordcraft skills, from sculpting impactful copy, product description language hierarchies, taglines and designing tone of voice guidelines for mega brands to writing long-form academic articles and scripting interviews for popstars, chatbots, and even popstar chatbots.

Where I’ve Worked

2019 - Now

PhD Researcher at Sussex University

2021 - 2023

Copywriter & Strategist at Distil This

2019 - 2020

Freelance Writer for Medical News Today

2014 - 2019

Lead Creative Planner at Byte London

2013 - 2014

Social Business Analyst at Bloom Worldwide

2011 - 2013

Community Manager at Jam: the social media agency of Engine

Clients I have worked with commercially include…

Previously released albums by Fiona Sally Miller

A Pause In Between

Sound compositions that explore a developing fascination with blasting sound from one environment into another.
Spring 2010

After The Flood

Voice, guitar and cello. Live session taken from a BBC South introducing broadcast featuring the wizard prince Ben Hallstein on cello. Simple stuff.
Summer 2012

I Should Have Sat Still

Songs and recordings collected from 2012. Self produced and knocked about a bit. A collection heady with the anticipation of spring and the weight of the summer.
Spring/Summer/Autumn 2012

The Whales Love Life

The Whales Love life stitches environmental sounds with voice, guitar and piano. Sounds that capture and evoke the worlds found beneath the tide, the riverbed floor, the motion of a wind turbine, the depths of a swimming pool and underneath the covers.
Summer 2011